Avengers Age of Ultron.... Oh No!

so I just watched the teaser trailer for Avengers Agen of Ultron.... I have so many feelings about this flick already and it isn't even out yet!

I will admit that I am a shamelessly proud Tony Stark fangirl. I adore Tony, I adore Robert Downey Jr. as Tony, and I know this film is going to hurt my heart so freaking much. Just the sheer amount of Tony!feels I get from the trailer.... Just kill me now!

But I'm also a masochist when it comes to things like this. I'm really looking forward to this film, and I'm impatient for it to be here so I can see it. Also the fanfics are going to be epic! The angst, the fix-it, all the fic!

Oh I don't even know what I'm feeling right now. A mix of excitement and dread, maybe... But right now, as in right this moment? I mostly feel like


Fuck you World, fuck you....

So my grandma, or the closets thing I've had to one on my mum's side of the family, died the 1st of August. It sucks, it hurts, it breaks my heart and I hate it. She had been quite ill in the last couple of years, and her mind was starting to slip due to senile dementia. She was 86, and would have turned 87 on the 24th if September. Rest In Peace Moster Sonja.

And I just learned that one of my idols, Mr Robin Williams is dead. I've adored that man since I was a little ankle biter, watching 'Mrs Doubtfire', not understanding a word, but finding him funny as hell. You are Free, Geenie, Rest In Peace, Mr Williams, and thank you for the laughter.

I'm sick of this. I'm clocking out for a while, World, so fuck you. Fuck this shit with loosing my favourite people, fuck this shit with being tired and sad.... Fuck this shit. FUCK!!!


So my last post was a... Mess.

A rants, patriotic, weird mess. That just shows why I should not be allowed near the internet when I haven't slept for almost 48 hours, and I've been looking up weird shit.


But I still stand by what I said. It's a mess, but I stand by it.

Der er et yndigt land..... Tralalala

So normally I keep my nationality somewhat quiet outside my dreamwidth/LJ(I've mentioned it other places I'm sure, but I cannot grab a link or anything), and it is because the Danish culture can be a little, ok a LOT, weird.

We have a rally twisted sense of humour(just let Humon show you: This)No really, as a nation our humour is either twisted, dark and/or gritty or we're making fun of everything.... But often in a twisted and dark way.... Or sometimes it's just really stupid, campy and the best thing ever. Danes have pretty much been making fun of everything for a very long time, and it fits with the fact that we're a small(-ish some would argue, but there's what maybe 6 million people living in the ENTIRE COUNTRY! There are US cities with higher body counts than that - and they may just take up about the same amount of landmass) country filled with pessimists and nay-sayers. Yes, we the people that has been called the Happiest People on Earth(WTAELF? *looks around* are you sure you visited the real Denmark? The Scandinavian, European one???), are a bunch of pessimists. But then when we're asked how happy we are, and we look bad and examine our current situation, we realise that things did not go as bad as we expected and we're currently rather happy about that. That's my theory, and almost everybody I've asked about this 'Happiest People' agree with me.

I honestly cannot remember when the Danish style of making fun of everything, and breaking boundaries while doing it, got us into the international spotlight as a people, but I think when the world really caught on to how little is sacred in Denmark was when the controversial Muhammad drawings were first published. I know that they offended a lot of Muslims, and they were really racist while also breaking a holy Sacred Law about drawing Muhammad's face or.... something. No really, that '... Something' is how a lot of Danes felt after the international furore hit us. Caricatures and Parodies are deeply imbedded in Danish culture and heritage, and we poke fun at... Well, everything. From our politicians regularly getting drawn as stupidly, silly caricatures, our mocking of the Queen's New Year Speech(but dis her as a non-Dane, and we will hunt you down and destroy you!), to laughing at something like: (CLIPS ARE IN DANISH!
Or this little pearl

If you think the guy from the first clip looked more than a little familiar to you, you may have enjoy some of his better known international works such as: James Bond - Casino Royal, Hannibal, The Hunt, A Royal Affair and The Three Musketeers. It's the one and only: Mads Mikkelsen (Humon again... Seriously go read her works, she's funny and really original).and the second is a clip from a sort of cabaret show mixed with satire and caricatures called Cirkus Revyen(this particular clip is from the 2012 version) that is one of the oldest running satire/caricature/comedy/cabaret style shows, and there is a new version each year held at our beloved, oldest amusement park called Bakken. Denmark has a bit of a racist reputation around the world, mostly because we elect stupid politicians and do stupid things like make Muhammad drawings, so one could rightly fear that Revyen is just one long racist, patriotic Danish Wank Fest, which is, sadly, very understandable, but more often than not the only people really made fun of in this show is... Well, ourselves. Sure there is sometimes some really, really stupid, racist sketches in thee show, they're often the parts that are forgotten first.

And all this was just so I could make you all understand why I often feel like I should just shut up about being Danish(and to the first one to post a pastry joke about the so called 'danish' - I hunt you down, remove your eyeballs with a dull, wooden, teaspoon spork, and then I will rip you intestines out through your nose and use them to string you up with, naked, covered in honey over a pit of angry fire ants, ok? :D) or sometimes even apologise for the stupid shit we do, and elect to power.

BUT I just found this article about 3 and I was like "YES!"(maybe waking my neighbours up, sorry R&R). This article just makes me want to walk around in red and white, humming 'Sommer, Sommer go Sol'(it was the summer craze song through most of my childhood as I cannot remember a summer without hearing it.) and just be proud of being a Dane, descendants of Vikings.

Read This!

A self styled PUA(Pick-Up 'Artist') came to Denmark, hoping to write a 'riveting' guide to Denmark, but more importantly her women and more specifically virgins. Instead he finds a country whose women for the most part are very secure with who they are, and they do not need some 'Alpha Don Juan' to sweep them of their feet. We are of Viking descend, we can handle ourselves. And while he eventually(on his last night) manages to get laid(with a nervous 18 year old virgin(poor girl)), unlike his other 'literary works' he ends up writing a book about, get this, not getting to bang Danish women, and he ends up calling it 'Don't Bang Denmark'. He calls us a bunch of unfeminine, androgynous robotic women with no femininity, and 'concludes' that the typical fetching Nordic lady doesn’t need a man because we have the government to cover our asses if things go to hell. Or did he ever might consider that he is simply that repulsive to any woman with a functioning brain? Not just to the Nordic women, but to women everywhere? These so called PUA's make me sick. They are a bunch of misogynistic, repulsive, materialistic, unattractive, disgusting wastes of air, and I really believe that the gene pool deserves to be protected from these sleezebags.

Now that the rant is over...


Why Kira, Why?

So I may have done something either incredibly stupid or something good for my heart. I had sex with J. I just... Gods it's been a little over 8 months of sorta getting to know him as a friend again, and trying to just be friends again.

But yesterday... He came to my new apartment(does it still count if I've lived here since February?), out of the freaking blue, and we just... Talked. Nothing heavy or important, just two friends talking. He did this thing, had this expression, I can't even describe it, and I had to kiss him. And then one kiss let to the next kiss, and kissing led to, well, sex.

The thing is... I don't really regret it. And today we talked again, this time heavy stuff, like our past relationship and our feelings. We're giving it another shot, this him and me as a couple thing, but we are taking it slow. Which sounds weird after we've started this thing again the way we have, but I'm... hopeful. Yeah, that's what I'm actually feeling, hopeful.

What the hell am I doing?


So..... I'm going back to school. This is the first place I've admitted it, but I need to share it with somebody. Come September I start school to become a Social Worker, and I cannot wait. But I'm also terrified. What if I fail again? I really want this education, but I'm terrified of failing.

I just needed to share my angst a bit. I'm telling my family this weekend, and I know they'll support me. I just hope I don't disappoint them.

I might also be slightly drunk while writing this.
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